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Cybernetica helps institutions design Software Models to be used as a framework to guide the development of software specifications. Cybernetica’s approach is to first develop a higher level Domain Model that can be used to build specific Software Models in a particular area. The objective is to be able to define Software Models that can support the evolution of the software over its lifetime, as the software goes through extensions and updates. The ultimate result is a software specification and implementation that is both robust and easily amenable to extensions and updates, leading to significant savings in the cost of the development of future evolutions and in the maintenance of the software.

Cybernetica helps institutional partners work together by integrating their collaborative processes into automated end-to-end workflows. Partners are enabled to exchange data and messages through secure interfaces that assure the confidentiality and integrity of the information. Automating these processes in a 24/7 lights-out environment leads to great savings and reduced business disruption. Integration with back-office systems through data transformation reduce human intervention and the accompanying human errors. Cybernetica’s solutions are built exclusively on industry standards, assuring clients of the application of best practices and of the perennity of our software applications.

Cybernetica helps institutions develop an Information Technology Plan that is aligned with their strategic business objectives and aligned with budgetary and resource allocation constraints. We help management understand the impact of the development of the technologies they currently use, and assess the inclusion of emerging technologies in their IT Plan. Expected return on investment (ROI), institutional impact and risk evaluations help management choose among different scenarios. Our IT Plans include goals, timelines and budgets, together with performance metrics. Cybernetica accompanies clients in the rollout of their strategic IT Plan, assisting them with Plan implementation and evaluation, software acquisitions, training and consulting.